About Stamisol



About Stamisol

Stamisol - Swiss-made high-qualitiy roof and façade membranes
Our team’s innovativeness and experience gained over 30 years of roof and façade construction have made us what we are today. We’re one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality façade and roof membranes for highly complex construction and architectural projects. Which is why Serge Ferrari AG is committed to Switzerland as a manufacturing base. We intend to continue to offer innovations and products that are reliable and stand the test of time.

Stamisol roof and façade membranes are made in Eglisau Switzerland. The base polyester fibres for the mesh are also made in Switzerland by our subsidiary Tersuisse in Emmenbrücke.

The Eglisau site also manufactures renowned materials for the Serge Ferrari Group, boat covers ,“Stamoid Marine”, as well as high-quality covers for the furniture and interior-design industry, “Stamskin”.

Serge Ferrari products offer superior performance and sustainability
Serge Ferrari AG in Eglisau, Switzerland, is one of four production sites within the Serge Ferrari Group. It’s a family-run Business which is currently spearheaded by Sebastien Ferrari and Romain Ferrari. In addition to the main production site in La Tour du Pin near Lyon in France, Serge Ferrari also has production facilities of polyester fibres in Emmenbrücke, Switzerland, as well as a unique recycling plant for PVC-coated composite materials in Ferrara, Italy. As the company’s own industrial recycling plant demonstrates, Serge Ferrari takes its responsibility for a sustainable future seriously.

Which is why, in conjunction with partners and planners, the company places emphasis on sustainability wherever possible. For example, it strives to achieve sustainable design, energy efficiencies, to recycle materials or resources. Its goal is to make a practical contribution to minimising any negative impact on the environment.

Integrated production
Attributes supported by the Serge Ferrari Group such as persistence, reliability and inventiveness are reflected in the added value its products deliver in terms of quality, performance, ecological concepts and innovation. With a unique and cutting-edge manufacturing concept, Serge Ferrari can handle all production processes from product development to Recycling:

  • Research and development
  • Formulae for all product feedstock
  • Processes and engineering
  • Spinning and weaving
  • Coating formulae, coating and extruding
  • Logistics
  • Recycling at the end of the product’s life

A focus on innovation
Since its foundation, the Serge Ferrari Group’s dynamic growth has been consistently driven by its superior innovativeness. The invention of its Précontraint technology is considered a milestone in the group. This technology gives Serge Ferrari's products unique dimensional stability, excellent strength and superb durability.

The Serge Ferrari Group invests more than 5% of its sales annually in research and development. Its goal is to continue to supply its customers with first-class materials that make all the difference.

The industry’s only company with its own recycling process
For more than ten years, Serge Ferrari has been working on a pioneering, ecological concept that is closely linked with the company's sustainability policy. The main pillars of this concept are an industrial recycling plant in Italy, a European network for collecting composite materials at the end of product lives, as well as a yearly investment of 1% of Serge Ferrari's sales in order to make the company's eco footprint even better.

OEM for diverse markets
As a manufacturer and seller of innovative, eco-friendly composite materials, the Serge Ferrari Group supplies customers worldwide who are involved in a wide range of industries:

Architecture Membrane roofs stretched over structure(Précontraint), solar protection and micro-climate facades (Soltis), acoustic solutions (Batyline AW) as well as waterproof, impermeable roofing underlay and façade membranes (Stamisol)
Industry Modular designs (Précontraint), protection from the weather and environment, protective and reliable, generation of bio-energy (Stam), visual communications (Sign-it)
Consumers B to B to C) Indoor and outdoor furniture (Batyline and Stamskin), solar protection (Soltis) and yachting (Stamoid)

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