Stamisol extreme



Stamisol extreme

Mountain shelter
Cabane de Tracuit

3.256 min altitude

Stamisol extreme

Stamisol Pack 500 subroof

Cabane de Tracuit is a mountain shelter which is located at an altitude of 3,256 m on the edge of the Turtmann Glacier.
While replacing the original building from 1929, the client selected Stamisol Pack 500 as a durable and sustainable solution to withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Other advantages are the options available for fitting Stamisol Pack 500. As well as bonding, it can also be welded at low temperatures.

Architect: savioz fabrizzi architectes, CH-Sion

Contractor: Brawand Zimmerei AG, CH-Grindelwald

Hotel frutt
Family Lodge

1,899 m in altitude

Stamisol extreme

Stamisol Pack 500 subroof

The frutt Family Lodge was opened in December 2015. Architecturally, it’s an impressive group of four buildings with layouts in the shape of trapeziums that mirror one another. Its unique location in the midst of the alpine landscape of Melchsee at 1899 metres in altitude requires a special roof membrane.

The owners also chose Stamisol Pack 500 which has stood the test of time in these high-altitude skiing resorts.

Project development: Eberli Entwicklung AG, CH-Sarnen
Design planning: Philip Loskant Architect Eth I Sia, CH-Zurich
Contractor: architekturwerk ag, CH-Sarnen
Interior design: Mathias Buser, CH-Zurich

Alpine restaurant

2,653 m in altitude

Stamisol extreme

Stamisol Pack 500 subroof

The new restaurant built at the summit of the Weisshorn is an impressive new landmark at 2,653 metres above sea level Like a rocky monolith, the unusual form of the sharp-edged, slanted walls and roofs integrates with the craggy backdrop.

The building used 600 m2 of Stamisol Pack 500 which reliably seals the elevated counter battens of the special design and also ensured perfect sealing of the roof during construction in summer until the roof is finished in the autumn.

Planning: Tilla Theus & Partner AG, CH-Zurich

Roofer: Waidacher Gebäudetechnik AG, CH-Arosa

Hotel Hospiz
St. Gotthard

2,114 m in altitude

Stamisol extreme

Stamisol DW subroof

Architectural firm Miller & Maranta carried out major refurbishment of the St. Gotthard Hospiz Hotel. The new roof was added and fitted with Stamisol DW to provide superior protection from the weather.

Installation of the metal roof was delayed until the following spring, Stamisol DW had to prove its worth as an emergency roof on the famous pass at 2,114 m above sea level for th winter period. And passed this test with flying colours.