Overview of Stamisol roofing underlays – breathable and waterproof

With a comprehensive range of accessories, Stamisol roofing underlay offers an entire system of effective, reliable and sustainable protection. It stands apart because it's fully windproof and rainproof. It also offers superior durability, underpinned by a comprehensive 10-year warranty. The extensive range, offers underlay for demanding requirements, such as modern flat roofs,buildings at high altitudes and reliable handling at low temperatures.

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Description Extremely durable roof membrane for challenging applications and harsh weather conditions.The cost-effective membrane when reliability is top priority.Exceptionally tough roof membrane that can be fitted in cold conditions or pre-fabricated at an attractive price.
Structure Polyester core/polyacrylate coatingPolyester core/polyacrylate coatingPolyester core/PVC coating
Total weight 380 g/qm335 g/qm520 g/qm
Minimum slope ≥ 5°or pitched roof ≥ 15° ≥ 5°or pitched roof
Fitting method
  • Can be glued
  • Can be glued
  • Welded
  • Pre-fabricated on request
  • Can be glued
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