Outstanding resistance against high temperatures up to 250°C

Stamisol Safe One: The façade membrane especially for PV façades

Façade Membrane PV Façades

To generate energy and support sustainability concepts within architecture, more and more buildings are being equipped with photovoltaic elements in the façade.

Tested for a heat resistance to 250 °C. Stamisol Safe One supports a safe design of the rear ventilation of photovoltaic façades or façade claddings, which are exposed to fire and heat radiation.


Project energiehaus luzern I Architects Schärli Architekten, CH-Lucerne I
Concept and instalallation of
BIPV facilities
BE Netz AG, CH-Lucerne I Façade construction Zihlmann AG, CH-Wolhusen

Photos: BE Netz AG, CH-Lucerne

Energiehaus Luzern is a centre of excellence for renewable energies.

Façade Membrane PV Façades

High safety for PV-façades

The listed building was extensively renovated and fitted with PV façades:

  • The west façade with the currently largest BIPV system in Switzerland with a two-colour design consisting of 117 graphic modules in four versions.
  • The parapet walls as BIPV in a warm grey tone (realized in consultation with the monument preservation authorities).

Stamisol Safe One was selected as the façade membrane, which forms a secure design of the rear ventilation level (behind the BIPV elements) due to its heat resistance up to 250° C.

This ensures reliable sealing of the building envelope even when exposed to high heat, while at the same time maintaining a high degree of breathability.

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