Stamisol Extreme DW


Roof membrane with an extremely long service life for use on very demanding applications in extreme climatic conditions.

Stamisol Extreme DW


  • Shallow slopes ≥5° or pitched roofs
  • All climates including high altitude
  • Ideal for installing a waterproof under-roof without formwork
  • Ventilated or unventilated roofs
  • On insulation or continuous support
  • Tensioned between rafters except in high altitude conditions


  • Exceptionally long life ensuring effective protection of outlays in building and roof construction
  • Long-term resistance to UV radiation (see 5000-hour UV tests)
  • Impervious to water and heavy rain
  • Breathable to ensure continuous residual dehumidification of the building
  • 10-year system warranty


  • Exceptional structural strength
  • Superior perforation resistance even without any boarding (DIN 4426)
  • Economical installation as a waterproof underlay based on clean technology and providing a warranty
  • Secure "emergency roof" system resistant to atmospheric conditions and guaranteed for 24 months prior to permanent roofing


  • Wide range of accessories (adhesive, nail sealers, moulded parts, etc.) ensuring absolute secure waterproofing of junctions etc.
  • Compatible with all insulation and building materials (including bitumen).
  • Can be Glued directly
    onto wood, metal or rendered supporting structures


You can find a range of videos with valuable tips for fitting Stamisol and system accessories on the

Stamisol YouTube Channel

Training courses

Training courses on fitting Stamisol underlay and facade membranes are available on request. Please contact the Stamisol advisor in your region.


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